Monday, May 3, 2010

Freezer Paper Stenciling

Last night, before I went to bed, I planned out my entire week.  Shopping, laundry days, mopping days, and most especially, crafting.  I'm trying to plan so I can do a little craftiness each day, since that seems to make it easier to get motivated to do all the cleaning and other things.

This morning I woke up with what may just be the start of another sinus infection.  Great.  The weather here is kinda crazy - high wind warnings and we just had a freak downpour of rain.  I'm hoping its the weather causing my face to feel like its going to explode, and in the meantime I'm snorting saline nose spray like it was...well, I would never actually do drugs so maybe I won't use that as a metaphor.

So, instead of crafting, I figured I might as well try an catch up with all the blog posts I've been wanting to do.  You see, I have one thing holding me back with this little craft/thrifting skills.  That, and cooperative models.

Take this project for example. 
I made the shorts out of a mens button-up shirt that we got at one of Value Village's huge clothing sales.  I had tried to make the shirt into a stylish skirt for me but it just wasnt working so I threw it aside, intending to come back and fix it later.  Then I got pregnant and figured it was a lost cause so I turned it into shorts for my little guy (using Simplicity 3765, if you're curious.  I used the pants pattern, just cut it shorter for shorts).

I got the white T-Shirt from Walmart, and it was marked down by about $.50, so not a steal but the kid needs more clothes anyways so it'll do.
I used this tutorial from MADE to paint the owl and the words on the shirt.  (There's a number of craft blogs out there that show you how to do this, MADE just happened to be the one I bookmarked.)  I drew the owl myself and then I used a downloaded font called A Little Pot for the words.  (I typed it in Microsoft Word, the traced it onto the freezer time I'll use a thicker font, I think, since this one was a real pain to cut out!)

(*sidenote* In the top pic you might notice an ugly little owl on the shorts.  I tried to do a reverse stenciling-thing on the shorts so as to tie the two together more succinctly, but it was just so hideous that I cut it off and hemmed the shorts up again.  Which is fine, seeing as they were plenty long to start with.)

I finished it some time this last week, but I kept putting off getting my little Monster into it.  So I snapped a few pics of the clothes just lying on my kitchen table, and then finally Saturday I forced myself to try them on him.

Despite actually having my hubby around to help, this is the best pic I could get:

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother!

I'd like to blame the pics on my crummy point-and-shoot camera...someday maybe I'll get a nice one.  Or the fact that I can't find a decent place in the house with enough natural light to not have to use the flash, which makes everything look terrible.

But when it comes down to it, I think I know my real problem: my kids.  SO ornery!  SO unappreciative!  SO frustrating!

After every failed picture-taking session, I promise myself never again will I trouble myself to make something for these kids.

Of course, thats one promise I just can't seem to keep!

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