About Me

Welcome to Thrillingly Thrifty!

I'm Cassidy and, yes, I get a Thrill out of being Thrifty.  I love to craft (mostly sewing as of late) but don't have the unlimited resources to do everything I want, so I've made it my goal to save money while indulging in my creative outlets.

I also try to be practical - I make what me and my family needs.  (Mostly.)  You'll probably see a lot of kids things on this blog, because first and foremost I am a Mom.

My Munchkin is a 2 year old sassy pants who likes getting her way and doesn't like trying on clothes.  Or wearing clothes, for that matter.

My Monster is 1 year old and ALL BOY.  I don't make nearly as many things for him as I do for his sister, mostly because he'll just destroy it as soon as I look away.

My Monkey was born in the beginning of August, and (thankfully!) doesnt do a whole lot yet.  Lately he's been taking a lot of naps laying across my lap, while I'm busy crafting.

I suppose I should add a little disclaimer - I'm a fairly new crafter.  I grew up with a very creative mother, who does so many different things and all of them SO well, but I never felt like I inherited much of that particular gene.  It wasn't until about a year ago, when I was fighting off my second round of Postpartum depression, that I decided to start making things.

Crafting didn't solve all my problems, but it gave me a place to just be me.  And I think thats what every mom, every woman, needs.