Friday, May 14, 2010

It was a massively creative morning, at least compared to the lethargy that the last few days have been for me, so I thought I should post now what I accomplished before it gets shoved aside by new projects.

The first thing I made was this:

Wow.  What a lovely Sumo Diaper!

I know that's what you're all thinking.  But it is NOT, in fact, intended for Sumo Wrestling wear.

It's....a fabric travel high chair!

I saw the idea months ago here on Homemade by Jill, one of my favorite craft blogs.  Of course, we hardly leave the house so I didnt think I would need anything like this.  But this last week we ate a couple of meals at my in-laws, and I quickly realized how wrong I was! 

My little Monster is getting too big (and his arms too long) to sit in my lap and let me feed him, yet he's not ready to sit in a chair completely on his own.  We have a high chair with a tray that straps to a chair, but its kind of a pain to remember to pack in the van and carry in and out.  This fabric one could easily be slipped in the diaper bag, and of course you just throw it in the wash machine to get it clean!

Jill had seen this idea on another blog, although no instructions or measurements were given.  She gave measurements on her post, which were WONDERFUL.  She used two different fabrics with a layer of batting in between.  When I was at Joann's the other day there JUST HAPPENED to be a remnant of chocolate brown quilted fabric - so it had the batting built in!  It was just shy of a yard, but still a remnant so I got it for 50% off the normal price.  Score!  And it was enough fabric for TWO high chairs, with a nice square left over.

I decided to use up some of my scraps for the other side of the chair, and I did have to piece some together but I figure no one will really see it so no big deal.  For the second high chair I'm going to make I'll probably just use bias tape around the edges, it'll be quick and just as effective I think.  We'll see who the lucky recipient of that high chair will be!

So, right now would be a good time to show some more pics of the high chair, how its constructed etc.  But I'm feeling kind of lazy.  And honestly, the link I gave you above has much better pictures.

But I did have to try it out today.  My little Monster woke up from his nap just before lunchtime, so he was kind of out of it in this picture.  And I think he was kind of confused why he was getting to sit at the table when his high chair was only a few feet away.  But I think he liked it - I even let him eat his entire lunch there!  (I had to move my laptop, though, because his monkey arms kept getting a hold of it and wreaking all sorts of havoc.)

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  1. What a good idea!! This would be perfect for taking to a resturant instead of putting them in one of the icky, sticky high chairs they have!! And the lil' monster looks sooo sweet :))
    ~ Michella ~