Monday, May 3, 2010

Flat sheet from Value Village - $3, A Shamelessly Matchey-Matchey family photo- Priceless

Okay, so in my previous post I showed you a lil' sumthin' you can do with a $1 sheet.

Now, what if you decide to 'splurge' and get yourself a $3 sheet from Value Village (or another thrift store)?  What can you make from THAT sheet?

A little boys hat?

With a matching vest and tie?

Or a new dress for mommy?

With a matching bow tie for daddy (not pictured)?

A new Sunday dress for the little Munchkin?

With a matching handbag?

If you couldn't tell from the pictures, the answer is ALL OF THE ABOVE.

These were our Easter outfits this year.
So cheesy with all the matching.  I just can't help myself!
(Just so you know, I've only made us all wear the matching outfits to church once.  Or maybe twice.)

For the vest I just used a hand-me-down dress vest I had as a pattern.  It has a full back, and even though it LOOKS like it buttons, the front is actually velcro with buttons on top.  I really hate sewing buttonholes!  But its actually a good thing I did the velcro instead, because this little Monster has been packing on some weight around his belly.  In the month between Easter (when they first wore them) and yesterday (when these pictures were taken) he's gone from fitting it just fine to practically bursting the seams.  At least the velcro gave a little lee-way.

The tie looks funny here because my hubby tried tying it first THEN putting it on, which didn't go so well.

And this hat...what a pain in the rear!  The end result is (mostly) worth it, but honestly I gave up on this hat so many times but kept coming back to it and trying to fix it.  I think it worked out okay.  Not that he usually leaves it on very long for me to see.

For my dress, well as you can see I needed something maternity.  Lucky for me this wonderful blog called Presser Foot just happened to do a month-long project called the Maternity or Not Frock.  I followed the wonderful tutorials, except I cut my "frock" to be long enough for a dress rather than just a long shirt.  If I'd thought about it a little more I would have made more of a flare to the skirt part, because it is rather narrow to be chasing after a 2 year old and a 1 year old!  Also, my armholes ended up too big (at least for my liking) and I was worried that the hole for the head would be too small so I cut it bigger than they suggested.  I should have listened to them - it turned out too wide!  Which is why I'm wearing a white shirt underneath, to keep it a little more modest.  Usually I wear my black sweater with it, too.  (There's also a tie that goes around the waist, meaning above my belly right now, but I couldnt find it for this pic.  It looks way better with the tie.)
This is the only pic I got of the bowtie, but its really nothing special.  Its terribly crooked here, and yes it makes my hubby look incredibly geeky so I don't let him wear it all that much.  Just when we were all wearing it and being matchey-matchey.

I started this dress first, and it took the longest to finish!  Those pleats were kind of time consuming, mainly because I didn't sit down and plan it out first, I just started ironing and pinning.  And then unpinning and re-ironing and re-pinning until it worked.  I didnt exactly have a pattern for the dress - I could only find the front bodice and the back of the skirt of my go-to dress pattern.  Oh, and the sleeve to a smaller size.  Somehow I made it work, with a side zipper rather than the back (its a terrible job which is why I didnt bother with a close-up).  I had to choose between 3T and 4T, so I opted with the bigger size to make it last longer.  She may still be wearing it next Easter!  The sewn-on belt tie really helps it from not being to baggy.
As for the cute little purse, I made it on a whim once everything else was finished and I still had a little fabric left.  I didn't bother to write down how I made it though, so I can't remember exactly what I did.  It was something weird that I was sure wouldnt work, but then it did! 
(I just have to say, this was a ridiculously windy day when these pics were taken, and we were about to rush off to church, so all in all this is a decent photo shoot.  And the only tears that were shed were when we had to stop running around outside and load into the van.)

So, what do ya think?  Not too shabby for a $3 sheet!

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