Friday, April 1, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

My apologies to anyone who might be waiting for the template and tutorial to the Stacking Puppets...I got slammed with a nasty cold earlier this week and I'm just now starting to function again.  I'm hoping for plan on Tuesday. :)

The winner of the Princess and the Frog Stacking Puppets set is....

Comment #10:

Destiny said...
Geez these are DARLING! Follow your blog already- in fact- linked you on my blog and featured your Doll book and my attempt to make it! :)

(Winner chosen by I'm really too tired to figure out how to get the actual image onto my blog, so you'll have to take my word on this one, k?)

Destiny, I'll be emailing you soon!

Was anyone the least bit curious about the oddball time that this giveaway ended?

Well, it just happens that 7:35pm is the exact time that this Little Miss was born 3 years ago!
Yes, she's my April Fools baby...the funniest part is, April 1st was my due date!  Most people didnt believe us when we called to tell them we were really in labor and at the hospital. (But I am SO GLAD she came when she did...she was 9 1/2 pounds!  I was sore for a loooong time, let me tell ya!)

When I was little my mom always made us a Birthday Outfit, so I tried to do that this year.  But, being sick, I kept making mistake after mistake after mistake!  I think it turned out okay, as long as no one looks too closely.

Her favorite part is the pockets...perfect for her pennies that she earns for doing chores, or the flowers that she picks off Nana's tree.

This is her smile-while-squinting-in-the-sunlight face. 
Her mischevious face looks a lot like this too, strangely enough.

Tomorrow is her birthday party (combined with her little brother and cousin) and I have a load of stuff to decorate the cake, for one.  Kind of important.  I'll make sure to post pictures

tomorrow.  Or probably next week, at the rate I'm going.