Schedules and me don't really mix well, so let's consider this more of a "loose guideline", k?  This is mostly an attempt for me to get myself organized and manage my time better. Some of these ideas may stick, while others may fall flat. We'll just go with the flow and see where it takes us!

Toddler Tuesday
Focusing on crafts and activities made either for or with my Toddlers.

Work With Me Wednesday
Maybe a project tutorial, maybe a favorite recipe...something more than just pictures of my creations and cute kids.

Think About It Thursday
Being a stay-at-home mother of 3 young kids, I feel like my brain doesn't get quite as much exercise as it should. I'm not sure right now how this will go down, but on Thursday I hope to post something that makes me think about more than the words to the Super Why theme song or how many more minutes until naptime.

Family History Friday
Usually posted on my Family History Blog, but on occasion I may do something crafy with it, so I may post it on this blog too.

Saturday, Sunday, & Monday
Whatever I feel like!  Maybe some projects, maybe nothing at all.

*this schedule is subject to change or variation at any time.