Friday, June 18, 2010

Polo Shirt to Girl's Dress

This girl, this Munchkin... an


A very, very cute pain in the rear end, but a pain nonetheless!

She's never what I would call "cooperative" when it comes to taking pictures of the clothes I make her, but today was particularly terrible.

First off, she absolutely REFUSED to stand on the nice green grass or in front of the rose plants; she kept running to the driveway.  Hence the ugly car backdrop.
Then I told her "Where's mommy?  Point at mommy!"  Most people would look where they're pointing...
Nope.  Not my Munchkin.

Then I told her to show me the new bag she painted (that'll be my next post!)

Of course the bag swings right in front of the dress, blocking the only shot of the bodice that I could get!  (Plus, she decided to run into the shadoms at that very moment.)

So, I guess you're just going to have to trust me when I tell you how cute this dress turned out.  It started out as one of my 12-yr old twin brother's Polo Shirts.  Ever since I mentioned that I'm working on a project to enter into the Lil Blue Boo Great Ugly Knit Upcycle, both my mom and grandma have been weeding out everyone's T-Shirt drawers and giving the stash to me.  (My brother doesn't actually know that this shirt is gone yet, and even though we spent a couple hours with them today he has yet to put two and two together, which is a good thing since he would be VERY upset about it!)

Originally this polo shirt was just going to be a skirt for the Munchkin.  But I got to looking at it, thinking how easy it would be to turn it into a dress, using the original collar and buttons and sleeves.

I was worried the collar might be too wide, but it actually turned out looking a little "Jackie O" know, classy 50's full-skirted dress.  But, in knit.

Anyways, the black waistband is just a strip of black T-shirt I had leftover - like I said, it was going to be a skirt but the I sewed the top onto the waistband.  Maybe a different color would have looked better, but this dress was one of those just-throw-something-together projects.  Seriously, I didn't start working on it until almost 9pm (my bedtime is usually 9:30) and I didn't really care how it turned out.  I just needed another summery play dress because I didnt feel like doing laundry!
Well, good bye then!

make it wear it


  1. that is so cute! it looks like a house dress from the 50's. just give her some (fake) pearls and she's ready to cook up a fantastic meal and welcome dad home with a kiss! :)

  2. Haha, yes she would LOVE some fake pearls...she keeps trying to steal mine (except mine aren't fake)! Maybe I could get a good shot of her cooking with her play kitchen, hmmm....

  3. It turned out lovely! Very cute!