Friday, November 13, 2009

Owl Hat

I don't know how I had time to do this craft. I didn't have time, really, I just neglected a number of other things. Which I do everyday pretty much.

Anyways, a big THANK YOU to Megan for finding this tutorial after I spent forever searching for it and not locating it. It was pretty easy to do, I just didn't have EXACTLY everything I needed so I compromised some things so mine doesn't look as good.

Here's the tutorial from Ruffles and Stuff. And here's my version.
I used this sweater, bought at Value Village for $1.50. Its not as cool as the sweater vest originally used, and the fabric was a real pain to use (stretched really easy while sewing! And edges could easily unravel) but it was cheap and easily accessible.
So as per the tutorial I cut out two pieces using a beanie as a pattern. That left a hole in the sweater, which Maddy tried to put her beanie in it to fill the hole (the purple thing behind her). And then she brought a whole bunch of foam letters and toys and carefully placed them all over the sweater...she had a very specific idea of where everything went, but it didnt make any sense to me.

And here is the finished product:

(John was already screaming when I put it on him, its not that he doesn't like that hat. I hope.)
A few things to point out about this project:
-Because it would unravel easily, I used a zigzag stitch since I don't have a serger. I should have made the hat bigger (figured in a bigger seam allowance) because it is almost too small for Maddy (who I intended to make it for) and just a bit big on John.
-The tutorial said to hand sew the eyes and nose on. I say HECK NO. Thats why God invented the sewing machine! It worked pretty good, especially considering how horrible of a hand-stitcher I am.
-I didn't use felt for the ears as instructed because I didn't have a color of felt that would look good. I cut pieces from the sweater and used those, which was okay, but I would have like felt better I think.


  1. that's so happy that it was the right one! and it is sooo cute! :)

  2. That is so cute, I am glad you found the pattern!