Thursday, November 12, 2009


I am so mad.
Somewhere in the last month or so I stumbled across a tutorial for turning an old thrift store sweater into the coolest owl stocking hat and scarf. It really was adorable, and I'm not all that into the Owl stuff that is so in. But I never get out, never go to thrift stores anymore (which makes me very sad...I love finding a good steal!) so I didn't think to bookmark it because I figured I never would be able to do it.
We went to Value Village yesterday. It was 50% off all clothing.
I now know what Heaven feels like.
Of course I think I have a small glimpse of what Hell feels like too because it was so CHAOTIC. Apparently EVERYONE likes a good Value Village sale.
We were looking for some shirts for Kyle and onesies for John and a few other random things. We found what we wanted and more, and all for great prices. (I know some would look down their noses at wearing thrift store clothes but here's what I think: John is just gonna puke and poop and pee all over, so no way am I paying full price. And thrift store clothes are newer and in better shape than all the clothes that Kyle owns (he still has a number of shirts from before his mission. And he's almost 34. Sad, I know.) Kyle and I also don't agree entirely on his style of clothing so at Value Village we can each choose something out that we like for him to wear, and we'll still be spending less than if we went to Walmart even for one shirt. And sometimes you can find really nice brand name clothes for really cheap!
But back to why I'm mad. We found all the stuff we wanted and were going to check out when we pass a rack of assorted sweaters. I found a pretty one that I like and will probably wear (Kyle told me AFTER we bought it that he thinks its ugly...what does he know?!) for $2.50 (after the 50% off).
And then...
I found THE PERFECT sweater for the owl hat/scarf project. It cost $1.50! You can't buy a good hat and scarf for that price!
But here's my problem...I CANT REMEMBER WHERE I SAW THE TUTORIAL!!!! I have wasted way too much time surfing all the craft blogs, and now I'm gonna pay for it. I've already spent a good 45 minutes looking through the usual blogs I look at; I have a bad habit of clicking the blog links to a different craft blog and looking around, then click another link there, and another and before you know it I have no idea where I am and how I got there.
So, I guess this is my plea....if there is ANYONE out there who reads this and has seen or knows about the owl hat craft that I'm talking about, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS CHOCOLATE POINT ME IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!!!


  1. is it this one?

  2. YES!!! Megan, you rock my socks! I don't think I ever could have found that Maddy is gonna be a cute little owl, whether she likes it or not...mwuhaha!