Friday, May 13, 2011

Kids Clothes Week Challenge - Days 2 & 3

I couldnt bear to post pics of unfinished projects, so I'm combining Day 2 and Day 3 and just showing the end result.

Two pairs of Kids Pants with a Flat Front , thanks to Dana from Made!
I printed off the pattern and tried using it as-is (meaning size 2T-3T) but shorter for a pair of Sunday shorts for my 2 year old.  Apparently that kids gone through a growth spurt lately, because I wrestled with him for 5 minutes to try them on and I could barely squeeze his cute little rear in!

Lucky for me, the "shorts" make a great pair of Sunday pants for my 9-month old instead!

Both pairs are upcycled from polyester old-manish pants.  The one on the right is an attempt to make it bigger, but I did something wrong with tweaking the pattern because I'm going to have to add an actual waistband so that its not too short through the rise of the pants.

Boys Tunic from Upcycled Mens Shirt

This is such a lightweight cotton, it makes this the perfect summer shirt!
I drafted the pattern myself, and it needs a little work so I think a couple more tunics are on the way. 
(And that yellow button on the top...I thought I'd like it.  I don't.) 
My only worry about this shirt is that it might be a little girly.  This was reinforced when my husband tried putting it on our daughter the morning after I finished it.

I also sewed a twirly floral dress from the cutest vintage fabric (thrift store find!  woo hoo!) for my 3 year old daughter.  She has yet to let me take pictures of her in it...isn't the terrible twos supposed to magically end when they turn 3?!?!

And I whipped out a light summer cap for the baby...and he has yet to leave it on his head long enough to let me snap a picture of it!

All in all, I am LOVING the Kids Clothes Week Challenge - it was just the motivation I need!!!!!

I didnt finish any projects last night so Day 4 and Day 5 will probably be combined in a post tomorrow.  You know, in case you're just dying to see what else I might create. ;)

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