Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mary Poppins Growth Chart

We've had this piece of wood laying around for who KNOWS how long, and in honor of the Spring Stashbust, I figured it was time to do something with it!

I painted it yellow and then spent over an hour carefully marking every half inch - anyone that knows me, knows how difficult that was for me!!!!

I painted some black lines and numbers, and before I knew I had...
...a Mary Poppins Growth Chart!

Mary Poppins is one of my kids' favorite movies, probably because of all the awesome dancing.  But what makes this a Mary Poppins Growth Chart and not just a big yellow ruler?

Why, this....

My husband and I are only about an inch apart in height (he's 5'10" and I'm 5'9") and I figured my kids are so short that wont be able to tell if we're faking it a bit.


  1. How cute! Also I love your idea for the felt faces, I am thinking I need to make some for my kids!

  2. So Cute!I'd love it if you would
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  3. This is great! I LOVE it! :)

  4. Very cute. Love the yellow ruller look. Visiting from The Tea Room.
    ~ Kimberlee at The Spunky Diva 
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  5. love this! so totally cute! thanks for sharing! found you via the girl creative! :)

  6. Oh I need to make a growth chart for my 2 year old son. I keep forgetting about it! Thanks for the reminder...this looks so cute!

  7. I love Mary Poppins!!! What a great idea! I featured you on my blog today.

  8. featured this on my blog today!