Monday, October 4, 2010

Purse Week entry

I've been upcycling things like crazy lately with the promise to myself (and my hubby) that I would then try to sell anything I make on etsy or at the upcoming Harvest Bazaar here in town that I'm going to have a booth at.

I really did have every intention to sell this bag...until it was finished and I realized how completely in love with it I am!

 I made it from an Old Navy sweater I got at Value Village last year.  I had planned to make sweater hats from it, but now I'm so glad I never got around to it!

 The inside is from the top of a pair of brown coruroy pants I snagged at a clothing swap last month.  I love having those 5 pockets built in, without the hassle of extra sewing!
This was such a simple project, as soon as I find another suitable sweater I'll be making another one!  (Maybe this time I'll actually be able to part with it.)


  1. this is really interesting idea..wao..

  2. This is really an amazing idea! I love the result!

  3. Using the pants inside for ready made pockets is brilliant!!!

  4. You are just genius!! Thanks a lot for blogging such a wonderful idea!