Monday, October 25, 2010

Harvest Bazaar

I havent done much posting on here for awhile because I've been pretty preoccupied getting ready for my first ever craft show!

The Harvest Bazaar was this last Friday and I did okay I think.  I guess it wasnt very well attended (according to the other vendors, I wouldnt know!) but my little booth made a good number of sales!  More than anything this gave me some really good feedback about what catches people's eye, and what they like and what I need more variety of.

I think some people had trouble reading this; it says "Loved Anew creations".  I thought it looked pretty great, considering I had to freehand it all!!
My dad made a neat hatstand for me, and I even sold a few of these hats!

By far, I got the most compliments on these booties.  Which is ironic since these were a last-minute whim!  Seriously, three of the four sets were made the day before.  I only sold one pair, but that was probably because I only had baby sizes.  The most common comment was , "I love these but I dont have anyone small enough to wear them!"

So, now I'm busy trying to fill up my etsy shop before the holidays!  My hardest part is taking pics of everything and actually writing up the listing; that stuff is not nearly as fun as actually making the items!

And, I'm moving to a new etsy shop:  I figured it would be easier for people to find if the shop was the same name as my business.

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