Friday, July 23, 2010

Baby outfit...I hope!

First off, sorry these are kinda crummy pics.  These projects are just kind of stay-busy-so-I-dont-get-too-anxious-for-this-baby-to-come, nothing special so I'm too lazy to take the time to Photoshop them. 

I'm hoping this will fit the baby when it comes (I'm also really hoping that the baby is a GIRL, but thats another matter altogether).  I keep looking at it and thinking no way is the baby that small!  If not, I guess my daughter's doll is getting a new wardrobe.

Before - a napkin from Goodwill.  $.50 
The napkin was a little thicker and rougher than I would like, but I fell in love with the strawberry plant design.  This was the first time I tried using elastic thread, and it was ...interesting.  If it had been different fabric it would have worked better I think.  (Plus it probably should have been a little wider, but I didnt want to piece in any fabric.)  As it is, I'm still in love.  My husband keeps saying how "adorable" it is!
Can I just say, my sewing machine does NOT like to applique?!  I had SO MANY issues trying to applique that little scrap onto the onesie - and I tried all the tips I could think of.  Iron-on interfacing, fabric underneath, paper on top...still it looks pretty crummy.  And its not centered, but at that point I really didn't care.  I just wanted to be DONE.

And the long strip is hopefully going to be a headband -I'm just waiting to see how big the baby's head is before I add elastic.  (My kids tend to be big but have small heads.)

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  1. Great find on this napkin. I can not believe how small that outfit must be.