Monday, October 26, 2009

Mod Podged Scale

First post of my new blog, and its a doozy!

I did this craft sometime last week, when I was stuck at home with two whiny kids and buckets of rain coming down.

In scouring the craft blogs, I've discovered everyone seems to have a mutual love for the oddity that is Mod Podge. Never having used to stuff myself, nor having seen my mother ever use it, I figured I needed to jump on the bandwagon and give it a try. Then I could say I was a Real Crafter.

After scouring Michaels for longer than deserved, I found the elusive little bottle, on prominent display some 3 aisles from where it normally would have been. It took me a good 3 days of pondering and debating before I actually opened the bottle and used it. My first attempt was for this notebook. It was okay, but I put contact paper over it as an added protection, seeing as my 18 month old terror - I mean daughter - was the owner.

Which brings us to that frustrating, rainy afternoon.
So many projects I could do, but no attention span to complete them.
And so I started browsing the Blog world. And I found Mod Podge Rocks which led me to this idea for my afternoon craft.

I, like any NORMAL person out there, hate stepping on my scale. I figured it couldn't hurt to make it a bit more cheerful.

My scale is the cheapest one from Walmart. I used some pretty wrapping paper I bought ages ago for another project that has yet to happen, and some thin hot pink ribbon. And of course I used the worshipped Mod Podge.

Apparently I could use a little more practice. Mod Podging is not as easy as all the craft blogs make it look.

There are wrinkles and bumps all over, but then again I was stuck using one of those cheap kid's paintbrushes. But it does brighten my day when I walk past it (as long as I don't actually use it!)

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