Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Learning the hard way!

Craft lessons learned today:
1. DO NOT choose a fabric just because its a "good deal". If its a pain in the bum to sew, it could have been free and it still wouldn't be worth it!
2. DO NOT force anything, especially a half-finished Halloween costume, on a stubborn 19-month old who needs a nap.
3. When convential crafts fail you, digital crafts won't. On the computer, there's always the "undo" button.

I wish I had some photos to post with this, because looking back it was stinkin' HILARIOUS, but at the time I was extremely distraught.

I spent well over an hour sewing a Tinkerbell costume for my daughter. Which is where I learned todays lesson #1...I found the fabric in the clearance section, plus it was marked down another 50%. It's a shimmery metallic green, I have no idea what TYPE of fabric it actually is, other than a real pain to sew. Its the kind that just seems to shred when you bring it within 2 feet of a needle. Grrr, but I already bought it, and I was determined to make it work. I wasn't using a pattern, but it was going okay I guess.

And then I tried to get it on Madeline. Looking back, perhaps it was a bit too narrow since there wasn't much give in the fabric. And then I learned lesson #2...I swear, it was just like the Hulk. She literally RIPPED the tunic off herself. (Keep in mind the fabric's tendency to shred, just so you know my kid's not completely out of control!)

Ah well, I'm still learning!

But I was kinda bummed that all that time went to waste, and I wasn't ready to tackle another attempt at Tink or start my son's Peter Pan costume (although maybe I can use the remains from the Tink tunic for his Peter Pan...hmm, there could be a silver lining here). So I decided to try some of the digital "crafts" I've been wanting to attempt.

And I think I'm in love!

Look at the header for the blog now. That was my first digi-project today, and I think it turned out okay.

Seriously, it takes forever on my computer (so slow!) but I think its so much fun! I'm not very good at cutting paper and all those fine-motor-skills required to do real life scrapbooking, but I think I'm gonna be good at digital scrapbooking. I tend to like a more simplified look, not so many trinkets and stuff on there. Plus the more image I import, the slower the program works so there ya go.

I'm working on making my own blog background, but that takes a little more techie know-how, so it may be awhile before I figure that out!

Anyways, there's my crafting for the day. I can hear one, maybe both kids waking up from their naps.

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