Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bridal Shower cake

I haven't done very much crafting lately, mostly because we rearranged just about every room in our house, leaving my new sewing room combined with our office and looking a little something like this:

Oh my.

I shudder just looking at that hot took an entire day to organize!  (Plus bring a few more boxes and bags and shelves of stuff...)

But, I did some cake decorating this last weekend for my sister's bridal shower.  Nothing fabulous or even very special, but because my computer is getting overrun with craft photos, I might as well post it here.  They say when you put something on the internet its there forever, right?  Can't say the same thing about my should I ever feel inclined to make another man-popping-out-of-a-scrumptious-cake, I'll be able to look on here.
First off, I have to say, everything that could go wrong this last week did.  Making this cake was no exception.  It was a dark chocolate, 2 layer cake with rasberry filling and a shiny ganache.  As you can see in the pick, not only did the ganache end up with little bubbles, and not as smooth as I'd hoped, little fingers also found their way onto it.  (Personally, I don't blame them.  It was good.)
For the centerpiece, I made modeling chocolate - except we had a track-dog-poop-all-through-our-carpeted-living-room incident happen right as I was making it, so I messed it up somehow.  (By the way, we dont have any pets - just an annoying neighborhood dog that better not be showing his face any time soon!)  So, not only was the consistency off but I couldnt get the color I wanted (he looked more orange in real life) and then of course little (chocolatey) hands got a hold of him too!
The bow tie is supposed to be cow print...lil bit of an inside joke, but if you've seen the SNL skit with Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley then you get the gist.
My sister, with the finished product.

I have to say, other than this delicious cake, the highlight of the bridal shower was my almost 3-year old daughter helping my sister open a present that happened to be lingere, and then picking up the thong and asking "What is dis?" (with the little kid lisp)  And then when we said it was underwear, she looked sideways at my sister and said, "You has to be weally wittle!"


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